not yet crinkled

Vermont is stunning this time of year when the leaves shudder and sigh. They drop to the ground not yet crinkled. The air has a slight edge as the soil grows cold and damp at night. We know fall is settling in just long enough to harvest the last of the crops before the frosts come. Here are more photos from our afternoon spent hiking the Quechee Gorge.

During our hike, D, L, and I met a photographer who seemed utterly hypnotized by the foliage as she pointed her camera this way and that as if each click of the shutter was a haphazard response. “The ferns are almost medieval,” she said, “don’t you think so?” Then she immediately started clicking the shutter again telling us of her gypsy lifestyle. As she talked, she pointed and clicked some more and then asked us if she could take a few photos of us. We agreed, mesmerized more by the clicking gypsy than our surroundings. She then said, “Oh, I really want to sleep here tonight.” We said goodbye as she turned her camera back to the boulders and leaves hopping and clicking away.



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