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As promised, I am returning to last week’s post, at the forefront, and the story of our trip to The Farmer’s Diner in Quechee, Vermont. On Tuesday morning, we drove north on I-91 from in western Massachusetts to I-89 north and got off the highway in Vermont at exit 1, the Route 4 Quechee/Woodstock. That is minus a small detour that led us on a five-mile and 30 minute delay when we got off VT’s I-91 to find a gas station and ended up in New Hampshire. Located on a small farm road was a beacon of hope, an Obama sign stuck in front of a wooded lot.

When we arrived at the diner, the lobby was packed. The layout blends the old with the new, a train car attached to the side of a building.

The Farmer’s Diner, Quechee, VT

Not only was there a line and empty tables available, but from what we heard, they were understaffed. We didn’t have to wait too long before we were seated in a booth in the train car. The service was swift, yet amicable and clearly we were meant to devour our breakfast as fast as possible. The diner serves only fresh, local food or as they say it “food from here.”

I ordered the Vegetarian Breakfast served with whole wheat toast covered in apple butter, marinated tofu scramble with onions, peppers, and tomatoes, home fries, and a veg sausage patty, green tea, and orange juice. The scramble was good but not as tasty as I remembered it from the diner’s original Barre, VT location. In the end, the blueberry cobbler with heaps of vanilla ice cream we shared for dessert unnerved my palate so that I forgot all about the scramble. It was just the right combination of sweet and tart with a soft doughy crust moistened by melting vanilla cream. The cobbler alone was worth the trip.

We left the diner satiated and ready to stretch our legs. So, we walked around the Quechee Gorge Village where the diner is located along with antique and craft stores, the Ottauquechee Valley Winery, and the Vermont toy and train museum.

After buying a few woodland creature cookie cutters and The Vermont Beekeeper’s Cookbook at one of the shops, we walked down to the Quechee Gorge where we walked along a few of the trails.

Quechee Gorge Dam, Quechee, VT
Quechee Gorge, Quechee, VT

The leaves were peaking color and bringing out bus loads of tourists onto the bridge overlooking the Gorge. The sun came through a concrete gray sky at sunset when we returned to the car for our drive home.

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