The house always wins…

I’m back. November turned out to be one long month filled with several house challenges. I told myself I wouldn’t write about our mold and heat issues, but I want you to know why I have been MIA for some time. 

We discovered a high population of mold growth in our old turn-of-the-century bungalow. I tried to clean the house myself, but my efforts were no match for the mold spores. I managed to tame the mold, but not eradicate it. Needless to say, weeks spent wiping the mold away with a hydrogen peroxide and water solution (this, by the way, does not get rid of the mold, it just keeps it from spreading) kept me occupied and mostly out of the kitchen. After finding several centimeters of fuzz, especially on the windowsill in our bedroom, we were desperate. 
So we called a professional mold remediation expert. The expert and accompanying team tested the air for several mold types and found two to be at high toxic levels. They came in one day and cleaned the house from top to bottom, ceiling to floor. No surface was left untouched and after they re-tested the house, I am happy to report that we are now at low levels of mold, less than the air quality outside our home.
We also had a drainage system and sump pump installed in our basement as a second prong attack to the water/moisture issue along with an update to our gutter system. 
Then the ignitor for the furnace stopped sparking which meant the heat stopped working. We were all bundled in layers for a day. 
In the end, I cannot talk about food and mold in the same post. I just wanted to let you know where I’ve been.

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