slow food

Sometimes fast food is unavoidable, like when we’re stranded at the airport or we’re driving hundreds of miles cross-country and not even an apple cannot be found. On those days, our choices are limited.

For most of us, we have choices to make every day, do we choose to eat food that may be quick but lacks nutrition or do we choose fresh food that is grown close to home without additives and pesticides. To me, the choice is obvious.
Eat slow food grown closest to home, the food not only tastes better but it also supports local community agriculture, which in the long run, will feed many more than a fast-food chain who runs the risk of running out of Idaho-grown russet potatoes or turning back to genetically modified foods to satisfy an ever-increasing demand for burgers and fries.
Check out local harvest to find a local farm or farmer’s market in your area.


  1. Nate and Jeff Bowler, Co-Captains says

    Somehow in all my shuffling, I deleted Art and Lemons from my blogroll. My humblest apologies and 1000 pardons.

    More and more I like the idea of growing my own food. Too bad I kill everything I plant.


  2. nikki says

    lk-I'm in absolute agreement with you!

    Nate-You just need to mix up some good soil and don't' forget to use some of Vermont's finest, MooDoo and your thumb will turn green in a matter of seconds!

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