my first black sapote

For the month of December, I am participating in Gwen Bell’s The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. The challenge is to respond to a daily writing/photo prompt that reflects on this past year. Oh, and if you want to join me I would love to hear your stories and memories, leave a comment or a link to your site.

12/15: Best packaging.
Last week, I cut open my first Black Sapote.
Maybe you know it by it’s other names: Black Persimmon, Chocolate-Fruit, and Chocolate Pudding Fruit. Its fruit comes from a tropical tree native in Mexico and Guatemala, however, the one I ate came from Florida.

black sapote

Black Sapote has a soft yet firm chartreuse skin with mottled brown spots that can easily be peeled by hand. Its flesh is mahogany color and tastes like chocolate custard. A mild sweetness.

black sapote parts

One that blends well with milk or cream. Yogurt and lemon juice. Smashed with orange juice and brandy. Or churned into homemade ice cream.
This fruit makes me want to move to the tropics.


  1. squarepegperson says

    Just found your blog thru Gwen Bell's challenge – woo hoo -ive found so many wonderful blogs this December!!

    It's snowing like crazy here or i'd be out getting myself a black sapote, which i never heard of til today – you may be the cause of a black sapote shortage on the East Coast if they taste as good as it sounds!

    Got you bookmarked, I'll be back!

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