remember when we used to

For the month of December, I am participating in Gwen Bell’s The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. The challenge is to respond to a daily writing/photo prompt that reflects on this past year. Oh, and if you want to join me I would love to hear your stories and memories, leave a comment or a link to your site.

12/29: Laugh.
With a toddler around, we laugh countless times every day.

Remember when we used to . . .

L and I sit in his rocking chair reading a book before sleep. I read the book while he turns the pages. After one read-through, L flips through the pages and reads to me.
Lately, he cracks jokes while reading. I pause to let him tell the story. He turns a page then studies the illustration. He sews the words and pictures together.
There is something about an owl, rabbit, and flowers that turns into a low belly laugh. He continues with the story – apple, bear, and soup. Another belly laugh. The rabbit tips a watering can over.
L waves his finger in the air like a single windshield wiper and says, “No, no, no.”
I cannot contain myself. Tears stream down my face as I laugh until my sides hurt.
This is a moment to remember.


  1. Julie Jordan Scott says

    :-) so grateful to hear you are remembering.

    Last night, Samuel impersonated me twice at the dinner table. Once, he lifted his dish to the air and bellowed "refund!" in this voice that sounds like a sixty year old four pack a day smoker and then he said, when walking like a hunch back, "I'm going to go download some pictures now."

    Like you, I laughed til I cried…

  2. Denise says

    How old is he?? Too cute!! My toddler just turned 2 in January, and her vocabulary and talking have just exploded in the past month!! It is sooo neat to have this type of communication with her. She walked up to me this morning (I worked last night so daddy put her to bed)…first time seeing me…and said "hi mommy, hi" while waving her hand to get me to notice her!! Soo cute!! Then she kissed me….and showed me her nose and said "nose" and wanted to rub noses!! Then she showed me her foot and said "foot." It was so adorable hubby and I could hardly stand it. She's our third daughter and child, and we are still in awe of this age!!

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