winter tea

For the month of December, I am participating in Gwen Bell’s The Best of 2009 Blog Challenge. The challenge is to respond to a daily writing/photo prompt that reflects on this past year. Oh, and if you want to join me I would love to hear your stories and memories, leave a comment or a link to your site.

12/16: Tea of the year.
A small tea pot steeps less than a teaspoon of jasmine phoenix pearls rolled into tight little circles. The young green tea leaves are rolled by hand into pellets and layered between jasmine flowers. They unfurl in hot water.

jasmine phoenix pearls

I pour warm water in a short cup while the tea steeps. After a minute or two, I empty the water into the sink. I remove the tea basket from the tea pot and fill the cup half-way to the top. A few dribbles of raw honey sweetens the floral scented leaves.

jasmine tea set-up

Pour and repeat.


  1. Brooke says

    Wow. Just found your site via Simply Recipes' Twitter recommendation. Your site is absolutely gorgeous. I love your photos (especially words falling from the sky). Can't wait to read and see more!

  2. nikki says

    goodwolve – Thanks, I just read your tea post and I must say peppermint (specifically chocolate peppermint from our garden) is a close, I mean a very close second!

    Brooke – I'm absolutely blushing – Thank You, thank you, thank you!

    KennyT – Sadly, I only have enough tea for one more pot and the teapot was a gift from friends, lovely indeed!

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