garden tour

This is our garden.

unruly garden

It’s a bit wild, I know. But it seems to work for the plants.

Especially the compost squash

compost squash

and the leaning tower of dill

leaning tower of dill

and let’s not forget the compost tomatillos

compost tomatillos

or the intentional grape tomatoes

grape tomatoes
or the hidden herbs.

The End.

p.s. We harvested our first compost dumpling squash last week (I’ll post a photo soon). Oh, and I would love to see what’s in your garden…


  1. Kris Thompson says

    Beautiful photos! did you see the article yesterday in Grist about the history of urban agriculture, with reference to the compost gardening "French style" that originated in Paris?

  2. tea says

    Our garden is pretty wild too. I loved seeing yours! I posted a little about our harvest yesterday. It's been fun growing. :)

  3. Tinky says

    Nikki, you would definitely NOT like to see what's in my garden. Wild doesn't even begin to describe it. Just mess!

    I'm actually writing in the hope that I can induce you to participate in an upcoming blogathon I'm hosting with some help from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture and Mass Farmers Markets.

    Loving Local: Celebrating the Flavors of Massachusetts invites bloggers to write about SOMETHING to do with food and the state during the week of August 22-28. It's a fund raiser for Mass Farmers Markets but also just a fun, informative entity.

    Please consider joining the feast.

    Information may be found on my blog at or on our Facebook page at

    Tinky for Loving Local

    Tinky "Dakota" Weisblat
    Hawley, MA

  4. nikki says

    Kris- Thanks for your comment and for sharing the Grist article on urban agriculture, which, by the way I didn't read and wasn't familiar with the web site until your comment… Who knew our accidental compost experiment could create intentional results? Here's the link if anyone is interested in reading more (

    tea- Looks like you've had a good squash harvest as well. And your tomatoes, so many tomatoes…I have plans to make a tomato tart with our first harvest. Do you have any other tomato ideas or recipes to share?

    Thank you, Rosa!

    Tinky- Actually, I would, mess and all. I'm getting in touch with you about the blogathon…

    Nate- Your homegrown jalapeno calls for a celebration followed by a garden intervention. I know we can coax more out of that soil. This calls for immediate action! We'll be there stat with a wheel barrel of Vermont's finest moo doo and a little of our compost magic. This time next year, you'll have two plus jalapenos! Or maybe this is all just an excuse to see you sooner than later…

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