december 28—eleven things

I’m participating in Gwen Bell’s #reverb10 challenge this month which means 31 days filled with daily writing/photography prompts meant to reflect on the past year and at the same time look ahead.

December 28 – list eleven things you would like to do in 2011.


eleven things for 2011

1. share a bowl of tangerines

2. make puff pastry from scratch (again)

3. take a Texas road trip in June

4. shoot Polaroid film

5. shop at flea markets and antique stores

6. make a playlist for food

7. see Neko Case in concert

8. bake macadamia nut fudge brownies

9. bike with my mister on Cape Cod

10. eat dinner at Hen of the Wood (Waterbury, VT)

11. spend time doing nothing


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