film is where my heart lies

Um, have you seen the new film from The Impossible Project made for Polaroid cameras? To say it’s exquisite is an understatement. The film is moody vintage and comes out of the camera sepia or black and white (depending on light and temperature conditions) and it’s the film I’ve been waiting years for.

Polaroid mod white 1

In October 2008, as the last Polaroid production plant in Enschede (NL) was about to shut the doors on analog instant film, ten former employees banded together to create their own versions of the beloved film stocks.

Polaroid mod white 2

Two years later, Impossible released a new line of color and silver shade instant films.

Polaroid mod white 3

After I found two packs of their film in the mail last week, I danced.

Polaroid mod white 4 (PX 600)

In the snow, alone.

Then I shot these photos with PX 600 silver shade.

p.s. Thank you Impossible for all the work you do and for sending this film for me to try! Next up, the PZ 600 silver shade…


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    So pretty! I tried their sepia film this summer while home in Michigan. I only wish it was not so expensive to ship to Sydney. I will have to stock up next time I am in the states and get several packs of the silver shade…

    • says

      Thanks, Megan. I’ve seen a few packs on ebay, though if they’re not sold in Australia the shipping may be equally if not more expensive. Still, it’s worth a look. If not, summer is only a few months away!

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