monthly mingle, the zakuski roundup

Last month, I hosted a virtual zakuski (Russian-style smorgasbord) party. After picking up a bag of red beets, damson plums, and Asian pears from a local farm stand, I came up with a few recipes to celebrate small plates of seasonal foods.

zakuski spread (Russian morsels)

Thanks to Meeta (What’s For Lunch Honey?) for hosting and to everyone who joined the monthly mingle. I only wish the party hadn’t ended so soon…

The zakuski roundup:

Sara Clevering from Three Clever Sisters: Chicken Liver Pate

R & R from Tadka Pasta: Groovy Golden Beets

Kalinda Piper from Wheat-Free Meat-Free: Mushroom Caviar with Buckwheat Blini

Sally Prosser from My Custard Pie: Russian Aubergine and Green Pepper Dip (plus Pear Vodka)

plus a few dishes I came up with…

Roasted Beet Dip

Roasted Beet Dip

Plum and Walnut Tart

plum and walnut tart

D.I.Y. Ginger Pear Vodka

d.i.y. flavored vodka: ginger pear

For anyone who likes rich custard, Sally (My Custard Pie) breaks down the alchemy of cooking egg yolks with milk, vanilla, and sugar to make a simple cream on her blog for this month’s mingle.


  1. says

    Besides borscht I don’t know russian food, but these recipes all sound intriguing. The roasted beet dip is beautiful!
    I love smorgasbord type meals in general, and have a recipe folder only for these small little plates of something. I definitely bookmarked this

  2. says

    Oh my. That first photo of yours is absolutely beautiful. The colors, the light, the graphic feel. I love it! (Plus I want to eat everything in it.) What a great blog….

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