when there was film and snow

Hello, Friends. A number of new projects are in the works right now. I set aside the puffy oatmeal bread I thought to tell you about until next time since you might want to play along with this one.

The Fifty-two Weeks in Film Project (shoot one roll of film for each week of the year, choose a favorite, paste it into a photo journal or post it online). For my project, I’m documenting my life on film.

Week One. Shot with my lovingly-used Hasselblad.

52 Weeks in Film: week 1

You can look at the outtakes here. I’d love for you to join me. I’ll post updates each week along with the usual line-up so feel free to add a comment with your link and don’t feel like you have to shoot film. Choose any format you wish. Just make at least one photo a week. Easy enough, right?

p.s. I think they beat my film up at the photo lab…I spent the last hour or so getting rid of dust and scratches and now I’m rethinking that darkroom. Only for a second though.


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