a rockin’ valentine for you

This is for you, Valentine.

turntable heart

Hope you like the mix.

Turntable Heart from artandlemons on 8tracks.

Lots of love,


Turntable Heart (February 2012)

1. Love You by Syd Barrett
2. Love You To by The Beatles
3. Venus in Furs by Devotchka
4. Oh Oh I Love Her So by The Ramones
5. La La Love You by Pixies
6. I Love You by The Zombies
7. Soul Love by David Bowie
8. Who Do You Love by The Jesus & Mary Chain
9. A Martyr For My Love For You by The White Stripes
10. Zodiac Love Team by Girls Against Boys
11. Feeling Called Love by Wire
12. No Love Lost by Joy Division
13. Love Buzz by Nirvana
14. Down Love by Paul Westerberg
15. I’m Always In Love by Wilco
16. Got Love If You Want It by The Kinks
17. Femme Fatale by Big Star
18. Sea of Love by Cat Power

p.s. I’m revisiting a recent favorite recipe over at BlogHer today, homemade croutons and caesar salad, so stop by if you like and say hello.



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