52 weeks in film—weeks 11 through 15

Lately, I’m obsessed with photographing surfaces. I fall into them like small seductive landscapes, removed yet familiar.

52 weeks in film-week 11 (Captain Jack's)
52 weeks in film—week 11 (Captain Jack’s)

I can’t explain the fascination, yet.

52 weeks in film-week 12 (Route 10, Easthampton)
52 weeks in film—week 12 (Route 10, Easthampton)

I can’t, however, stop. I won’t let myself. Even on the days when I think, What the hell am I doing?

52 weeks in film-week 13 (Saturday at Bub's Barbecue)
52 weeks in film—week 13 (Saturday at Bub’s BBQ)

I’ve learned to ignore that pragmatic side when it comes to making art, at least until later in the edits. I’ve also learned to ignore parking lot attendants and curious passersby who will at times ask in a kinder tone than my inner critic, What are you taking a picture of?

52 weeks in film 14-week (backyard popsicle stick)
52 weeks in film-week 14 (backyard popsicle stick)

I smile and say whatever it is and leave the question hanging in the middle of a parking garage or a sidewalk ripple.

52 weeks in film-week 15 (level 5)
52 weeks in film-week 15 (level 5)

As for the project, I came up with the idea to shoot at least 1 roll of film for 52 weeks because I wanted to keep a photographic record of thoughts, fragments, stories that so often surface untethered. I also wanted to hold myself accountable and to be present every day. So far, it’s working.

What have you photographed recently?


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