breakfast: coffee, buttered toast, & fried eggs (a stop motion video short)

If you get the idea in your head to make a stop motion video short about what you’re about to make for breakfast early on a dreary Thursday morning, then you must do it. Forget the to-do list. Those thirty-odd things tasks can wait, this breakfast video on the other hand, cannot.

still outtake from: breakfast, a stop motion video short

Wait. Before you start filming, you need to sketch out a shot list, which might look something like this.

Breakfast—Stop Motion Video Shot List:

Digital Camera, 35 mm lens
ISO 400, f/4.5, 1.3 seconds
Window Light

Scene 1: make coffee
1. pick up french press
2. pour into mug
3. add sugar
4. add milk
5. stir

Scene 2: butter toast

1. remove 1 slice bread from bag
2. plug in toaster
3. put toast in toaster
4. cut butter square
5. add to plate
6. butter toast

Scene 3: fry eggs
1. turn on burner
2. add butter to skillet
3. crack 1, then 2 eggs in pan
4. add coarse sea salt
5. add freshly ground black pepper
6. cook
7. slide egg onto prepared plate
8. shoot finished plate

Edit Video
Upload photos to Lightroom.
Develop photos.
Export to iMovie and edit.
Add music: “Softly As In A Morning Sunshine” by Sonny Rollins.
Finalize movie.


So, yeah. That was breakfast.

What did you eat?



  1. Fun! I like the music choice. My breakfast this morning was a bit sad: two tylenol and a cup of coffee. Happy hour and oysters turned into a night of good food and wine yesterday. I can’t complain. :)

  2. A delicious breakfast and awesome video!



  3. I love this! I always get so excited about breakfast and love being truly hungry for my first meal of the day. This is so much fun :-)

    • ArtandLemons says:

      Thanks, thelittleloaf. Breakfast is the meal that got me into cooking when I was a kid, still love how it lures everyone in the house to the table.

  4. absolutely loved the scene 1 and set up’s written in recipe format and the video is so good. i love the way you edited!

    • ArtandLemons says:

      Lavi, Thanks for your comment and welcome! I noticed the recipe format as I typed it from my handwritten notes, the true sign of someone who spends many hours reading and writing recipes.

  5. WOW. Awesome. Loved it. Modern-retro-fun. Reminds me of that fantastic scene where Katherine Hepburn is making breakfast, 40s-style, for Spencer Tracy in on of their earliest films together… Woman of the Year?

  6. Nothing beats a classic way to start the day :)

  7. What a way to break out of the gloom of this dreary spring day! I will add “stop-motion black and white breakfast-making short” to my list of pick-me-ups! Great work, Nikki!

    • ArtandLemons says:

      Thanks, Amy! Speaking of spring, I remembered the asparagus, lettuces, and herbs already growing in your garden beds and felt inspired to fill our own with tomatoes, basil, parsley, and cilantro starts this afternoon. The good parts to the dreary weather we had.

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