in and around Nashville


We’re off to Vermont then Montreal for a few days, our last official hurrah to summer (I’ve decided to see how long I can keep this super saturated seasonal love alive through the darker New England months). I’m still scanning film from early summer, from Tennessee and in between even as I’m packing for another photo adventure.

These photos were taken in and around Nashville. Mostly in hotels, gas stations, and stopover spots. While the photographs vary in theme, from portrait to landscape, to interior detail—each one shows an intimate fragment of what it feels like to inhabit a place, if only temporarily. That’s what I had in mind when I shot them anyway so maybe that sentiment remains for me.

TN bw near Gatlinburg438 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg432 72 dpi

TN 35 mm bw nashville355 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg447 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg453 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg443 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg439 72 dpi

TN bw near Gatlinburg441 72 dpi

TN 35 mm bw nashville370 72 dpi

TN 35 mm bw nashville349 72 dpi

TN 35 mm bw nashville350 72 dpi

TN 35 mm bw nashville352 72 dpi

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    Gorgeous, sultry, a little desolate. Just the mood I’m in as summer winds to a close. Enjoy your trip to Vermont! I spent a few glorious days there at the beginning of the season. Am still missing the cheeseburgers at The Farmhouse Table in Burlington.

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