Saturday at the Market: A Photography Workshop For Food and Film Lovers

Guess what?

newsprint dress (union square greenmarket portraits-NYC)

I’m teaching a photo workshop next month called Saturday at the Market: a photography workshop for food and film lovers and I would love to see you there! The workshop takes place at the bustling Union Square Greenmarket in New York City where we’ll capture the vibrant food scene, including local farmers, their produce, and market shoppers.

the market scene

You’ll learn how to shoot film with your new Holga camera (included in the workshop). You’ll also learn photography fundamentals (light, composition, framing, and exposure), visual storytelling techniques, and how to train your eye “to see” so that you can develop your “visual voice” and personal style.


Workshop participants receive a Holga (plastic film camera that renders artsy images) and 5 rolls of 120 film for your camera (a mix of black & white and color film).

sold out (at the Union Square Greenmarket)

I’ll have simple exercises for you during the workshop to help you develop your visual voice, improve your craft, and learn to shoot food culture in the streets.

market ground

Plus, we’ll have a rockin’ good time!

market dog (from union square greenmarket-NYC)

The workshop is limited to 12 people, so if you’re interested—sign up soon! You can find all the details at Saturday at the Market.

post market samples

Stay tuned: I’ll be back next Friday with tips on crafting a photo essay at the market or in the streets.

composting at the Union Square Greenmarket


    • ArtandLemons says

      thelittleloaf, Thank you, I appreciate your comment! It was an incredible day to shoot, perfect weather and so many people…

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