scenes from Montreal

We stayed in Montreal long enough. Long enough to eat unsettling Japanese food, miss seeing Hugo projected outdoors at the film festival. Find our way back through the red light district, walk several miles to Aux Vivres (on Saint-Laurent Boulevard) for breakfast/lunch. Witness a seedy around-the-corner illegal substances drop-off (which I didn’t photograph by the way). Make a few dozen photographs of our walk in the city and long enough to promise silently that I would return.

colored lights
colored lights

bike and helmet (a walk in Montreal)
bike and helmet

apartment (a walk in Montreal)

shooting film with the Diana F+ (a walk in Montreal)
black tape from shooting film with the Diana F+

garden portrait (a walk in Montreal)
garden portrait

stair detail one (a walk in Montreal)
stair detail one

apartment exterior (a walk in Montreal)
apartment exterior

crepes (a walk in Montreal)

bikes in transit (a walk in Montreal)
bikes in transit

passing by (a walk in Montreal)
passing by

turntable (a walk in Montreal)

duplicity (a walk in Montreal)

done (a walk in Montreal)
breakfast/lunch at Aux Vivres

sun burst on white shirts (a walk in Montreal)
sun burst on white shirts

couple with dog (a walk in Montreal)
couple with dog

"hate/care" (a walk in Montreal)

red tv portrait (a walk in Montreal)
red tv portrait


photos from the balcony (a walk in Montreal)
photos from the balcony

To view the rest of my Montreal pics, click on my photo journal on Flickr. As for the rest of the day, I’m designing that upcoming photo workshop in NYC I mentioned recently and baking something delicious to share on Thursday.



  1. Great scenes! Thanks for sharing your pictures and impressions with us.



  2. OK, explain to me the thing with the black tape from your Diana. I’m intrigued (and have never used one, so totally ignorant).

    Loved getting a window into your Montreal trip. I’ve always wanted to go. Someday!

    • ArtandLemons says:

      Shanna, Yes, the black tape. Good question. The Diana is a plastic camera and well known for its imperfections and light leaks. Black tape helps reduce the chance of light coming in through the back and sides. This is how my arm always looks when I take it out for street photography since I reuse the tape until it no longer sticks or holds up. Ah, yes. Montreal. It was my first visit…

  3. Love this photo journey through Montreal. While you were in Canada I was in your stomping grounds.Was beautiful in MA. Love the photographs. Thank you for taking us on this trip!

    • ArtandLemons says:

      foodwanderings, Thanks. Hope you found some farms to visit and good places to eat. It was a beautiful weekend (in both spots) that’s for sure.

  4. what a fabulous set, and I haven’t even gotten to your flickr set. Such nice colors…glad you mentioned this on facebook.

  5. Really inspiring – love the alternative view.

  6. Gorgeous and inspiring. I hope to get up there soon.

  7. Happy to know you had a great time in Montreal! I wish I’d known you were coming over, it would have been great to meet there! Maybe next time? :) Your shots are great, love the uncommon angles and scenes of the city.

  8. Just ambling through Creative Writing Blogs and saw your stunning pics. Beautiful.



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