water scenes—from summer

Earlier this morning, I scanned two rolls of 35mm film I shot back in July and August. I still have more to scan but thought I would share these pics made with my good old Pentax (sadly the Hasselblad is away for repairs—fingers crossed it gets unstuck).

boy and seagull

All the photos were taken close to water—ocean, pool, river, even though you don’t see evidence of it in each frame.

blanket and shovel

With slide film, I usually underexpose it slightly since there is little wiggle room (about 1/3 of a stop). However, I pushed (overexposed) the beach shots and I like the blown out white sky and purple/magenta color shift.

river camp site

The film was expired as well which created the color cast.

clouds in water

I constantly work to see things differently and to challenge my own aesthetic. To intentionally break free from technically good negatives (or positives in this case) and articulate a specific vision.

birds on bridge

Like being submerged in summer.

lawn flamingos




  1. Wonderful! I love that third shot. So appeasing.



  2. Totally agree about the overexposed beach shots. Love the bright white skies!

  3. Clouds on water with ripples – love that one

  4. I think the beach shots are cool and I also like all the textures in the shot of the wood.

  5. Love those beach shots–and the color cast, how fun that it’s due to expired film! Hope your other camera is on the mend.

  6. Love the water reflections photos. Very atmospheric!

  7. Karen Vandenberg says:

    I’m loving your site and awesome photos and crafts too! I’ve now bookmarked your page and will visit often and tell my friends too!
    I noticed the giveaway for Small Plates & Sweet Treats.
    I’ve been really looking forward to this book so I can get back to cooking family meals that we can all enjoy!

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