10 Ways To Get Unstuck or What I’m Doing Before “The Perfect Storm”

I came up with this list for myself but thought you might find it useful in some way so I thought I’d share. It can also double as a list of things to do before “the perfect storm” aka Hurricane Sandy (hopefully she goes gentle on us east coasters). If you are in her path, be sure to have plenty of candles, batteries, non-perishables, water, coffee, and booze stored up (Whether you’re storm ready or not, read this witty but practical prep guide—hurry though!).


10 Ways To Get Unstuck or What I’m Doing Before “The Perfect Storm”

1. Make a pie. Seriously, it works. I rambled on for more than a week about transforming our bounty of apples into rustic rounds of decadent comfort. On Friday night, we made it happen. Our first family pie project. Luke and I made the crust and filling then he and David put the rustic tarts together. After that, I wrote. Pie = inspiration.

2. Go for a walk and collect your favorite leaves.

3. Write in a different location. The laundry room, front porch, basement. Or find a coffee shop you haven’t been to or haven’t frequented lately. New location + new things to look at or people to watch = a new story or at the very least more words on the “page”.

4. Buy a new notebook and colored pens. Use them daily.

5. Create an inspiration board (use cork board, foam core, or index cards) and hang it up wherever you write.

6. Take a steaming hot bath and read a chapter or two from My Berlin Kitchen by Luisa Weiss. (Note: take extra precaution not to drop it in the tub particularly if the library’s copy. p.s. it didn’t happen this time, but has before. fair warning.)

7. Write about your day as if it were an entry in an encyclopedia. (Organize it by subject and illustrate or photograph each entry.)

8. List your top five obsessions. Choose one to research. Write about your chosen obsession in an essay, story, or poem.

9. Create a temporary art installation using index cards, paper clips, and a pencil.

10. Find a photo (Polaroids work great for this one!) then using a sharpie pen, write a caption or super short story over it.

*Bonus: Bake another pie!


    • ArtandLemons says

      Andreia, Thanks. We were lucky this time, aside from a little wind and rain, the storm didn’t affect us. Still thinking about everyone who was in Sandy’s path and sending good thoughts.

      • AndreiaV says

        Hi Nikki!
        Thank God you´re safe :)
        I saw the news and i wish that someway, i could help :s
        Hope the weather gets better in USA!



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