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Hello friends.

How are you? If you subscribe to my newsletter or follow my social media channels, you’ve probably heard me mention the photo e-book I”m writing, Behind The Lens: The Art of Developing Your Photographic Vision. I’m wrapping up the sample chapter on how to start a long-term iPhone project, Design, Shoot, and Show Your iPhone Photos, which I hope to have ready for you in the next week or two! Fingers crossed.

Montreal buildings and sky
Montreal buildings and sky (shot on film with Diana F+)

I’ve also been experimenting in the kitchen with raw nut cheeses and yogurts, more on my new favorite almond chevre next week.

Until then, here are a few of my Friday loves.

Jenn put together Food Bloggers Support For Sandy, an event to help those affected by the hurricane.

30 Writing Tips from Famous Authors

Food Loves Writing Ebook LaunchWritten Together: A Story of Beginnings in the Kitchen and Beyond! (Congrats Shanna, can’t wait to read your book).

A Simple Autumn Lunch by Poetic Appetite

Damson Plum Gin from Autumn Makes & Does

photo inspiration from the blue hour: On Judith Turner and Abstraction

the latest camera gear for photo nerds—straight from Photokina

The 100 Week Project on I ART U

DIY Project: Tape Stencil Stationery

Have a good weekend!

p.s. Feel free to share your Friday loves—I need more writing breaks!


  1. says

    Thanks so much Nikki for highlighting Food Bloggers Support for Sandy. I hope we are able to encourage a lot of people to donate and help out!

    • ArtandLemons says

      Jenn, You’re welcome and thanks for putting the event together! I hope to have something ready for Thursday…

  2. Sara says

    what a nice list of news: your book, the long list of writer’s wisdom – and that was me in the comments about Judith Turner, she is one of the photographers I printed at Jon Goodman’s studio!

    • ArtandLemons says

      Sara, That’s so rad (um yeah, it’s 1980-something) that you printed one of Judith Turner’s photographs! Thanks for your comment and for sharing that. I must get in touch with him soon.

  3. AndreiaV says

    Hi Nikki..congratulations for your e-book :)
    Thanks for your links!
    This music is perfect for your writing breaks hehe
    You need to stop for a minute :p

    • ArtandLemons says

      AndreiaV, Thanks for your comment! The song is perfect and I did watch it during one of my writing breaks this morning!


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