Holiday Mix 2012

Dear Friends,

First off, thanks for your support and love on my last post. You’re all completely amazing!

Vergennes Laundry

We’re in Vermont for a few days. Big bountiful snowflakes fell yesterday, the sort you can reel in with your tongue. On our way to the movies yesterday, David and I stopped by Vergennes Laundry (an oven-fired french-style bakery) for kombucha and two lemon tartlets to go.

Vergennes Laundry

The place is exactly as I imagined, quiet steamy windows, clean lines, warm bread loaves, and a token deer head. Utterly Vermont, utterly romantic. It’s worth the drive. So is seeing The Hobbit, although go caffeinated and not to the later shows if you’re tired at all, and bring chocolate.

Vergennes Laundry

Long walks on back country roads, puzzles, pages from Ondaatje’s recent novel “The Cat’s Table”, and kale chips lie ahead. Plus we’re listening to our latest holiday mix. I have a thing for repeating songs this time of year, and looking back on the 2010 mix, Chuck Berry, Pink Martini, Sufjan Stevens, Nancy Wilson, and Victoria Spivey are on repeat. I tried to change it up a bit. Victoria Spivey, whose songs I want to include on nearly every mix, had to stay.

Vergennes Laundry

I discovered Victoria Spivey’s music ten years or so ago on college radio of all places. Her voice was arresting, it drew me in immediately. It was a snow drenched Sunday morning and as was my habit back then, I listened to a weekly show featuring old time American music.

Vergennes Laundry

Spivey rocked. She was an American blues singer and songwriter who recorded music from 1926 to the mid 1960s. She worked with Louis Armstrong, Lonnie Johnson, Bob Dylan and others. Noted songs include “Black Snake Blues”, “Dope Head Blues”, “Organ Grinder Blues”. Spivey started her own record label in 1962, Spivey Records.

Vergennes Laundry

I should go. There’s food to prep and presents to wrap. Hope you like the mix. Catch some snowflakes (if you can) and have a Merry Christmas!

Holiday Mix 2012 from artandlemons on 8tracks Radio.

Holiday Mix 2012

1. “Who Took The Merry Out Of Christmas”, The Ultimate Staple Singers (Disc 1), A Family Affair, The Staple Singers
2. “Blue Christmas”, Elvis’ Christmas Album, Elvis Presley
3. “A Snowglobe Christmas”, Joy to the World, Pink Martini
4. “Just Like Christmas”, Christmas, Low
5. “A Snowflake Fell (and It Felt Like a Kiss)”, Glasvegas, Glasvega
6. “Christmas Without Santa Claus”, Woman Blues!, Victoria Spivey
7. “Jolly Holiday”, The Reprise Studio Recordings – Disc V, Duke Ellington
8. “Sugar World”, Holiday, The Magnetic Fields
9. “Holiday in Waikiki”, The Kinks in Mono, The Kinks
10. “San Francisco Holiday”, Evidence, Steve Lacy
11. “Christmas Celebration”, Merry Christmas (100 Christmas Songs), B.B. King
12. “Christmas Bop”, Messing With the Mystic, T. Rex
13. “Merry Christmas”, More Unreleased Tracks, Ramones
14. “Santa Baby”, Christmas Songs, Marilyn Monroe
15. “Up on the Housetop”, Silver & Gold Volume 10 – Christmas Unicorn, Sufjan Stevens
16. “Mrs. Claus’ Kimono”, The Fine Print (A Collection of Oddities and Rarities 2003-2008), Drive-By Truckers


  1. AndreiaV says


    I hope you had a very Merry Christmas!! You don´t have to say thanks..we´re here to support you everytime :)
    I was thinking about seeing the it nice and interesting? :)
    Happy new year!

    • ArtandLemons says

      Andreia, Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well! The Hobbit was long and dizzying and dragged in places. I also felt like some of the cinematic beauty in the film was lost in order to create more action and heightened battle scenes. This film strayed more from the book than The Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I liked the beginning though. I felt like it was truer to the book. All that said, it’s still worth seeing. Happy New Year!

  2. AndreiaV says

    My Christmas wasn´t grandmother (she has Alzheimer – 1st stage) spent the whole day talking about her life when she was my age..she thought she was 21 and was worried because in that day, she should be at college :s
    My grandfather has a pneumonia..we found that on Christmas day :s
    It´s sad..really sad :/
    You convinced me to see that movie hehe :)

    p.s: I´ve made your pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread and everybody loved!

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