Saving the Season, a must read

Those of you who like to put up food have likely heard of Kevin West’s book Saving the Season: A cook’s guide to home canning, pickling, and preserving. If you haven’t, read on. West’s book is one you want to shelve in your permanent collection.

reading Saving the Season by Kevin West

“It’s not without reason that we’ve learned to watch
The rising and the setting of the stars,
Marking the equal seasons as they change.”

—Virgil’s “First Georgic”

Poetic, literary, and downright practical, Saving the Season is a rarity among cookbooks. Packed with 220 modern classic recipes for sweet and savory jams, pickles, cordials, cocktails, candies, and fermented foods, it’s difficult to decide where to begin, each recipe is worth savoring. I recommend one recipe per season, starting with winter and working your way to next fall: Vin de Pamplemousse, Taqueria Style Pickled Carrots, Tomato Jam with Smoked Paprika, and Walnuts in Maple Syrup and Brandy.

reading Saving the Season by Kevin West

Essential canning science and know how are included as well and prove to be invaluable for new and experienced cooks. Who hasn’t wondered once or twice why home canning works, what’s the scoop on botulism, and how to “put up” through all four seasons. With full page color photographs throughout, Saving the Season delivers as much art as it does craft in this must read guide.

reading Saving the Season by Kevin West

The book pays homage to West’s southern roots that included putting up food with his family in their rural Blount County, Tennessee kitchen. Musings on family tradition, history, and philosophy make this a thought-provoking read.


  1. AndreiaV says

    Hi Nikki :)
    Long time i didn´t see your blog posts…for some reason i don´t know, i stopped getting them :s i even though you stopped blogging.
    I got your last mail and i´m very happy for your baby boy…hope he is fine and healthy :)
    Hope everything is fine with you…it´s good to know you´re busy doing the things you love :)
    Big hug

    • ArtandLemons says

      Hi AndreiaV, It’s so good to hear from you! Sounds like you subscribed to the posts through Feedburner which is now defunct. You can get the blog feed through Feedly now (if you’re interested). Thanks for your well wishes and for your note. We’re settling into our family of four and looking forward to the snowy days ahead. Hope all is well with you and school and the happiest of holidays to you and yours!

  2. AndreiaV says

    Hi Nikki :)
    I´ve that problem fixed now, i´ll get your updates through feedly. It is always a pleasure to read your thoughts and make your recipes :)
    Your vegan pumpkin bread is a must have on my Christmas table…it is so good :)
    You must be so happy, babies are great and bring joy and love to everybody. It must be a very good period in your lives and i´m glad all of you are fine and happy :)
    I graduate this year, after 5 years of studying…5 years went by so fast! This semester i´ve been busy than ever since i´ve a master degree thesis to write and lab work to do for it but i´m doing something i love :)
    Next semester i´ll do an internship in a pharmacy. I´m not that excited about the internship, i don´t know what awaits me and i´m not the typical pharmacist..i´m a bit alternative if i can say so :)
    But lets see what will happen.
    I´ve snow cravings too but i´ll have to wait 1 month to see it in my hometown :)
    Your eggnog looks so good, i´ll do it this weekend…i´ve rice milk begging to be used lool
    Maybe i´ll add some warming spices to help me to study as next week will be full of tests.
    Happy weekend Nikki.

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